it’s fair Agentur: Getting you ready for your tradeshow participation!

Exhibition coaching

Marketplaces are nearly as old as humanity itself – and today’s tradefairs are very vibrant and state-of-the-art!

Are you striving for an efficient tradeshow attendance to facillitate the exchange of goods and the sharing of knowledge? Well, fine!

An interesting presentation that attracts visitors and wins customers requires thoughtful planning and proactive preparation. The assigned management team ideally enjoys the support of your entire company. Planning, preparation and follow-up begin many months before the tradeshow and do not end after it has finished.

This entails such elements as the definition of your goals, booth design and the adoption of your advertising message, the selection of your exhibits and how they will be displayed. Also, it involves the establishment of targeted connections to the media. Other important building blocks are the advance invitation of your customer groups to the exhibition booth as well as engaging booth staff that is well-trained and performs its duties with confidence, understands its role as hosts and conducts interviews with visitors professionally.

After the tradeshow finishes, the swift follow-up is a must, especially when it comes to all newly registered contacts. This defines to a great extent how successful you were: delivering promises, saying thank you, maintaining contacts, closing sales and completing contracts. This will afford you good results.

Benefit from our expertise. Coachings / Workshops available also in English!

  • Planning [research, concept, criteria for success, exhibits, budget]
  • In-house presentation / workshop > All-round introduction to tradeshows as marketing tools
  • In-house coaching / instruction of the booth staff including for example the “Do’s & Don’ts”, exercises for effective interviews with visitors, notes on the host function
  • Kick-off right before the start of the fair creating a positive mood
  • Supervision with fine-tuning during the trade fair
  • Support at the booth [participation as team member / backing at the tradeshow]
  • Follow-up [taking stock, evaluating results, recording findings, working out suggestions for future improvement]

In our workshops, booth staff is introduced to and rehearses the best strategies for effective conversations with visitors. This makes it much easier for the team to approach visitors for an interview. This in turn arouses interest among visitors and makes them request more information. Our coaching enhances the personal conversational skills of every single team member. The result is that the company is well represented, its products and services are promoted properly and that the advertising message reaches your audience.

We are at your side. Our many years of experience help you to succeed. Be it at home or abroad – our partners and we always look forward to new challenges!

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