it’s fair Agentur: Clattering is part & parcel of your booth also!

Marketing & Distribution

Clattering is part of business – even at an exhibition booth!

The booth is like a branch office of your company. It brings to life your company‘s products, services and corporate identity and highlights them in the best possible fashion. For the exhibits to be fully effective, the overall package must be consistent. The team invites visitors to the booth and acts as host – the visitors feel welcome and are keen to learn more about the company and its range of products and services.

The professional demeanor of your tradeshow team and focussed interviews with visitors who are either existing clients or potential custormer are key to the success of your tradeshow appearance [customer care and acquisition]. The well-proven strategies for effective interviews at tradeshows are presented and practiced, with direct feedback given during the workshop. This allows the team the best-possible preparation, imparts the goals of the attendance and improves their confidence as a well-rehearsed unit.

Well-prepared communication in the run-up to the tradeshow appearance effectively supports the presentation: invitations sent out to customers and potentially interested parties, advertising and information suited to your industry placed on as many channels as possible, the regular supply of the general media and trade press with newsworthy reports about your company.

The structured post-show follow-up is one of the crucial components if the investment in your attendance is not to be squandered. It should be planned at the outset together with the participation itself to ensure the intended results are achieved. It also helps with the final performance appraisal and plans for future tradeshow appearances.

We support you actively in German and English to make your participation as successful as possible.

  • Reinforcement of the stand team / active presence at the booth
  • Company presentation / representation at the exhibition booth
  • Post-tradeshow follow-up [customer contact by phone / circulation of information]
  • Project Management [Consulting, Coordination, Coaching]
  • Brochures, advertising material, booth construction, communication [via network partners]

Everything to your success!

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