it’s fair Agentur: Proper coaching helps you to achieve your goals!

The Coach

Goals stand at the beginning.
With the proper coaching you could reach them.

The it’s fair Agentur: Messe&Marketing > Your tradeshow Coach has been supporting companies and organizations since 2004 in the beneficial use of tradeshows as marketing tools. At home and abroad, our customer base includes private-enterprise companies, government institutions of trade and business promotion as well as universities and educational institutions.

Hans-Jörg Klecha founded the agency and has headed it ever since. Prior to that, he held national and international executive positions with renowned commercial agencies, exhibition companies, site operators and conference organizers. He was responsible for marketing and sales, area management for Africa & the Middle East, business development, sales administration worldwide and he co-ordinated various tradeshow projects. For some years he resided and worked in Asia.

He draws on more than 25 years of industry experience as he coaches tradeshow teams, imparts the secrets of success behind a tradeshow participation, presents tradeshows as versatile marketing tools or advises and actively supports our customers at their booths. In seminars and workshops, also held in English, we familiarize our customers at home and abroad with tradeshows and prepare them for their attendance at the event.

Our experience, reliability, capability, flexible thinking:
All this is meant to help you succed!

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