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Tradeshows are cutting-edge events for the exchange of goods and services, of creative ideas and concepts, as well as of proven processes and innovative solutions for the future. They showcase new trends and developments. For centuries, tradeshows have proven their worth as transmission belts for trade – both regionally and globally. It all takes place in “face-to-face” encounters by the market players at conventional on-site exhibitions, but also at supplementary online events which feature digital booths.

Regardless of the type of tradeshow, participation is not to be treated lightly. Thorough and well-structured preparations are essential if you intend to reach as many targets as possible during the few days of the fair. And that’s where we come in. As your coach with many years of experience at the juncture between the theory and tradeshow reality, we provide comprehensive support in word and deed – in the forefront of your participation and directly on site at tradeshows in Germany as well as abroad.

Why is tradeshow coaching important? Firstly, because participation in trade fairs is associated with relatively high costs, meaning this investment in marketing should be used as effectively as possible. And secondly, because participation requires a rather large planning effort if one wants to exploit the potential that tradeshows offer as a multifunctional marketing tool.

Preparations include, for example, setting strategic goals in accordance with corporate planning and drafting the advertising message. The next steps range from the selection of exhibits to the design of the exhibition booth, including the appropriate instruction of the booth staff, to the prompt follow-up of contacts after the exhibition.

These activities and others determine your success. Benefit from our expertise and experience with tradeshows as a marketing tool. Make the most of your tradeshow appearance and achieve your goals.

Are you an organiser planning a complete online tradeshow? Do you as an exhibitor require a digital booth? Then in cooperation with our network partner we provide exactly the right, fully flexible and versatile platform you are looking for. We’d be happy to highlight the possibilities. Go ahead and contact us!  

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Unless extensive preparations are made, participating in an exhibition rarely delivers the desired results. If this basic principle is disregarded, exhibitors are likely to find themselves returning from the tradeshow disappointed. There is a risk that anticipated contacts and contracts may not happen. And this is probably due to the fact that the diverse potential of this multifunctional marketing instrument was not fully exploited. Your expenditure for participation exceeds the intended return-on-investment and does not lead to meaningful customer and sales increases.

You may avoid such disappointments by preparing your tradeshow attendance with our support, based on our know-how. In hands-on workshops we draw on our many years of experience which we accumulated “in front of and behind” the counter. Your tradeshow team will learn exactly what challenges to expect and how to resolve them effectively.


Be it in a physical or virtual format, during a tradeshow the booth acts as a branch of your company. Visitors discover the products or services on offer. At the same time, the booth is a reflection of your company’s corporate identity. For your message to be recognised fully by a visitor, the booth must project it through its design and efficient organisation. The booth’s purpose is to receive your guests, i.e. existing clients, interested parties and new prospects.

Let us provide impulses for the design of a physical or virtual booth and the selection of the exhibits, for the form and content of your information and presentation materials, for the effective announcement of your tradeshow attendance to the target audience and for the overall organisation of your involvement. What’s more, the booth staff must live up to their role as hosts and fulfill this role skillfully. With this in mind, we will support your planning efforts and instruct all staff members assigned to booth duty. If requested, we’ll even join you on-site at the exhibition.


If your intention is to reach prospective customers beyond the german-speaking realm, your information material should be provided in the respective language of the markets in question. From a real-life perspective, this is expensive and often difficult to implement. A fairly simple solution is to provide at least some documentation in English as the most common international business language. The material may be presented in a printed and/or digital format.

We will be happy to translate your tradeshow-related material from German into English and vice versa so that your message is conveyed in an appropriate manner. Because we understand that it goes beyond a literal translation to ensure that the mood of the original version is maintained and readers can appreciate and comprehend it. Such professionalism is welcomed by prospecive customers and simplifies communication. This in turn facilitates unlocking new sales leads and concluding new contracts.

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