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Tradeshows are up-to-the-minute forums for the exchange of goods and services, innovative ideas and new concepts, proven procedures and creative approaches inspiring the future. Novel trends and developments are on display. For centuries, tradeshows have been proving themselves as transmission belts for trade and as waypoints for the interaction between supply and demand – both on a more regional as well as fully global scale. Plus, they enable direct face2face communication among the relevant players.

That is where we come in. As your tradeshow coach with many years of experience at the crossroads between theory and practice, we provide active support in a host of different ways both at home and abroad – in the run-up to your tradeshow appearance or directly on-site at your booth, depending on your requirements. Benefit from our expertise in trade fairs as marketing tools and achieve your goals by getting the most out of your tradeshow attendance.

After all, fairs involve high expenses and a relatively strong effort if you want to gain the most out of a participation and fully utilize the potential. In addition, the attendance must be a strategic commitment. That means well thought-out preparations are essential if you want to achieve high gains during the fairly limited duration of a  tradeshow.

Measures include setting strategic goals based on corporate planning and creating the advertising message, as well as selecting exhibits in conjunction with designing and planning the booth. Further on, preparations involve briefing the booth staff on the targets and providing coachings to ensure the staff’s professional conduct during the tradeshow. Finally, an important piece to the tradeshow puzzle is an orderly and prompt post-show follow-up. Those are some of the key factors that have an impact on your success!

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Without due preparation, attending a trade fair seldom achieves really good results. If you disregard this simple insight you most probably will end up disappointed and missing out on the many opportunities this versatile marketing tool otherwise offers. That leaves you prone to failure by not reaching the intended number of new contacts and subsequent orders. As a result, the investment in your participation likely may not achieve the desired increase in customers and sales.

To avoid such mishap, we team up with you and help you prepare your tradeshow participation. Our many years of practical experience gained both “in front of“ and „behind“ the counter are reflected in our entertaining workshops that cater to your advantage. Your exhibition team will find out exactly what challenges lurk at the booth and how best to resolve them.


Your booth at the tradeshow serves as branch office of your company. Not only your products and services are on display. The booth also represents your company and lets you play host to your visitors.

For your message to resonate, the booth must reflect the message by way of its appropriate design and organisation. In addition, your tradeshow team must live up to and fulfill its role as hosts. In order for the many functions to take effect, let us guide you during the planning and optimizing stages of your participation. For example, we provide suggestions for the booth design, the focus and selection of your exhibits, the content and layout of your information and presentation material as well as how to organise it all. Ask us for assistance with your trade fair appearance and, if needed, we will even join you at the tradeshow itself.


If your goal is to reach potential clients internationally, your information material should be available ideally in the respective national language of your target markets. In practice, this is complex and difficult to achieve. Therefore, we always recommend taking documents at least in English, the most commonly used business language worldwide.

For your information material to come across properly, we transfer your tradeshow-related documents into English. Because beyond a mere translation, the right transfer of your material ensures that the tonality of the original text is picked up and the reader perceives and understands it. This touches potential new customers in a positive way and simplifies your communication with them. This, in turn, helps to open up new markets and close new business deals.

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